Xenosaga III to mystify PS2 owners this fall

Beautiful androids with guns bigger than they are. A mysterious alien menace set on destroying humanity. A vast political conspiracy designed to stop it all from becoming public knowledge. Bizarre artifacts with powers beyond man's abilities. Giant robots tearing each other into shreds of charred metal. Xenosaga is a sci-fi, RPGseries best known for its intricate and tough-to-follow plot, told through gorgeous but seemingly endless cutscenes. And now, that saga is coming to a close.

It's the far future, and technology has progressed to the point where spaceships are common and androids are indistinguishable from humans in all but their desire to dress exclusively in fetish gear. With a looming alien menace known as the Gnosis, sexy scientist Shion Uzuki developed a battle android so powerful it can't be controlled. Things have snowballed to the point, as of Episode III, where Shion feels she can't trust anyone and quits her high-paying job of launch an investigation to the conspiracy behind the Gnosis.

That's where the story picks up. More importantly, it picks up with a streamlined battle system and a whole new way to develop your characters - important, as Episode II's attempt in those regards was pretty weak. Namco Bandai is promising all of this in addition to a "Xeno Bible" that will actually attempt to explain the game's incomprehensible story.

For now, check out these first screens (hit that "images" tab up above) and begin to prepare yourself for the chance to seea fewmore hours of crazy sci-fi cutscenes this fall.