Xenosaga Episode III - preview

In preparation for ourfirst previewof Xenosaga Episode III, we were given only a glimpse of the game. By comparison, this time the doors were flung wide open on the mysteries - mysteries that begin to mark this as a sequel worth playing. With more insight into the battles, the story and the nitty-gritty of the character-building gameplay... we're getting cautiously excited for how this three-game monster of a trilogy will come crashing to an end.

We spoke before of the android T-elos. A femme fatale clad in strategically small bits of armor, she's the bad guys' answer to blue-haired heroine KOS-MOS. Like any great villain, she toyed with us - in the form of a boss battle - before giving KOS-MOS the pasting of her short life. As rocks tumbled and crumbled, T-elos delivered a punishing array of kicks and punches to KOS-MOS as Shion and pals watched in horror... and before we could find out how it all ended, the Namco Bandai representative stopped the cinema. We were left merely to reflect on how damn cool it all was. Yeah, over-the-top sci-fi wire-fu is getting a bit musty, but when your combatants are crazy sexy battle androids, it's hard to get enough. And if there's one thing we're guaranteed by a Xenosaga sequel... it's that more than enough is on the agenda.