Xbox teases an early look at cloud streaming on browsers at the airport

Xbox streaming
(Image credit: Aaron Grenberg)

Xbox boss Phil Spencer seems to be testing out the new Xbox cloud streaming for browsers to get his Destiny 2 on between flights.

The image was shared by Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg as part of an extended behind-the-scenes thread for last week's Bethesda and Xbox roundtable. That included a look at the basic process of making an important business trip during a pandemic, complete with face masks and shields, and an interlude at an airport restaurant.

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The picture shows Spencer with his Surface Pro tablet popped open on the table of an airport restaurant as he plays Destiny 2 with an Xbox controller in hand. Remember airport restaurants? Never thought I'd miss those, but here we are in the year 2021 and everything I knew before has been turned upside down.

The service, which allows you to stream Xbox Game Pass titles to web browsers on PCs and any other supported devices, reportedly entered internal testing last month. You can already stream Xbox Game Pass titles to Android devices, but getting your games going on desktops or laptops via browser is the next step toward the goal of letting you play anywhere and any time.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass titles, we just got a bunch of tempting new options: Fallout 4, Oblivion, Prey, and 8 more Bethesda games are now available to download and stream through the service.

Or if you prefer to go in the opposite direction, you can now stream Steam games to your Xbox using GeForce Now and the built-in Edge browser.

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