Xbox Scorpio is officially called Xbox One X, and it has a release date of November 7th

Team Xbox came right out of the bat with the reveal of the Xbox One X at their E3 2017 briefing today, announcing a slated release date of the November 7th later this year, worldwide.

Before announcing any games or new projects, Xbox chief Phil Spencer came on stage to talk all things Xbox One X. After showing us a brief glimpse at the look of the console itself – a beefier variant of the Xbox One design – Spencer introduced Kareem Choudhry, Head of Xbox Software Engineering, to give the low-down on what has been billed as the “most powerful console” in gaming history.

The Xbox One X, according to Choudhry, is designed to focus on “power, compatibility and craftsmanship”, boasting six teraflops of GPU and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth. As promised, the console will be able to run games, stream media and play Blu-Rays in true 4K, and comes packed with 12GB of memory at launch. As if power wasn’t enough, Choudry also revealed that the Xbox One X is officially the smallest Xbox console to date.

The Amazon page for the Xbox One X reveals that the console is also equipped with a centrifugal fan to minimize noise, and a state of the art vapor chamber to ensure efficient cooling. 

Forza Motor Sports 7 was the first game to be shown off running on the Xbox One X and, naturally, it looked phenomenal.

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