Playing PC games on Xbox gets way easier with GeForce Now update

MS Xbox Series X
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You can now play a sizable chunk of your Steam PC game library on Xbox, thanks to a new update to GeForce Now streaming.

The new update was spotted by The Verge's Tom Warren, who laid out the process for getting it working in the video below. While GeForce Now has been available for streaming PC games for years - and for free, if you don't mind time and resolution limits - it was only made possible on Xbox Series X and other consoles via a new beta update that enables Edge browser support. 

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It's only in beta, and there are still some bits of control weirdness beyond the usual slight input delay inherent to streaming games over the cloud - while it syncs up with your Steam library to see what you own and transfer your progress via Steam Cloud, GeForce Now plays all of its games from remote servers rather than your local desktop. As Warren demonstrates, the play experience right now isn't ideal for a shooter like Counter-Strike: GO, but it could work fine for something slower paced.

Even if it's still in beta and not without issues, this means you finally have a way to play a good number of PC-exclusive games on Xbox without going through fiddly remote networking channels. Meanwhile, if you want to go in the opposite direction and play Xbox-only games on PC, you can use cloud gaming on your browser via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Truly, there has never been a better time to play things on other things that wouldn't normally play said things.

Microsoft plans to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to Xbox consoles this holiday.

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