Xbox Originals not perfect on 360

Nov 14, 2007

Yesterday'sbig newswas of the next big 360 dashboard update seeing the launch of original Xbox games as downloads on Xbox Live, but out of the seven initial games announced for the service, five have known problems running on the new hardware.

Just like when you slip an old Xbox game disc into your Xbox 360, the games will run using software emulation which, by its very nature, causes all sorts of problems. Microsoft has already documented these known issues ahead of the big December 4 launch.

Halo suffers from "very mild frame rate drops", so that's not so bad. Crimson Skies crashes if you select certain options such as the demos and trailers within the game, and some text goes missing.

Texture and sound issues haunt Fable, while Psychonauts will throw a wobbly if PAL users with HDMI outputs are running 720p. Only 1080i and 1080p modes are supported.

A full run-down of known issues can be found on the official site.

We expect that none of these issues will ruin the games for anyone, but we hope they're faults that can be ironed out in coming months.

Courtesy of CVG