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Xbox One's store should be faster and more relevant starting next week

The Xbox One is getting a sofware overhaul next week, bringing with it a new user interface, backwards compatibility, and an improved store tab. Today, Xbox spokesman Larry Hryb takes us on a video tour of that last one, showing off faster response times, more curated content, and organization that makes the new Xbox store look and feel a little more like Valve's popular Steam service.

The store is still broken down into multiple categories (Games, Apps, Movies & TV, Music), but once you've entered one of those areas, you'll start to notice some differences. Items are now listed vertically instead of horizontally, and are further organized with headings like "New releases," "Most played," "Top paid," "Top free," and so on. Each individual game's page also scrolls vertically, with screenshots, clips, and Twitch broadcasts showcased below the buy and rate buttons.

With these changes, it seems that Microsoft is taking cues from mobile stores and Steam, using their designs for inspiration. Research firm SuperData reports (opens in new tab) an increase in digital revenue, so it's not hard to understand why Xbox would want to make its store a little more user-friendly.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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