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Xbox One gets a Fallout 4 bundle, complete with Fallout 3 download

Need a shortcut to the nuclear post-apocalypse? You can either sneak into your nearest poorly secured missile silo and kick off some mutually assured destruction, or you can pick up an Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle. I believe I speak for most human beings when I say we'd prefer you choose Option 'A.'

Microsoft today announced the $399 bundle, which includes a 1TB hard drive, a packaged version of Fallout 4, and a download code for Fallout 3. The bundle will be available starting on November 10, Fallout 4's release date, and Fallout 3 will hopefully be backwards compatible on Xbox One by then; Microsoft plans to roll out that update, among others, to the general public in November. If you already have an Xbox One, you can also get a free download of Fallout 3 by pre-ordering Fallout 4 on the Xbox Store.

This marks the grand finale of Microsoft's weeklong bundle bash, in which it revealed a Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One Bundle, a 36-game Holiday Bundle, and even a new new Xbox One with Kinect Bundle, among others. All of which will be waiting in stores for holiday shoppers to peruse and/or start a second Cold War over.

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