Xbox One Elite Controller gets one release date, six separate thumbsticks

If you need to do any high-risk day trading to afford an Xbox One Elite Controller (opens in new tab), you now have your deadline. According to the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), the super-customizable controller will officially release on October 27 in North America.

For $150 / £119.99, you get a whole controller modification experience. The carrying case (of course it has a carrying case) comes complete with three sets of thumbsticks of varying height, a plus-shaped and disco-ball-shaped D-Pad, and interchangeable finger paddles. Heck, you can even change how much pressure it takes to click in the left and right triggers, individually. I'd probably spend more time fiddling with all the parts than actually playing games with it, to be honest.

The UK release date is still just "October," but the Xbox One Elite bundle (opens in new tab) - which includes the controller, as well as a console with a 1TB hybrid drive - is scheduled to release on October 20th. Chances are you won't have to wait much longer to get the Elite Controller by itself.

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