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Microsoft introduces the best looking Xbox One controllers yet

Holy ombre inputs Batman, these new Xbox One controllers are gorgeous. Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb revealed the pair of unique controllers on his official blog (opens in new tab), and their eye-catching metallic gradient finish is so cool that I'm even willing to overlook their DeviantArt-original-character worthy names: Copper Shadow (opens in new tab) and Dusk Shadow (opens in new tab). Seriously, Dusk Shadow.

Thankfully, a stylish accessory by any ridiculous name would look just as sweet. This is the first time Microsoft has put this kind of a faded two-tone color scheme on an Xbox One controller, and you will have to pay a little bit of a premium for the luxe look: both controllers will cost $69.99 (UK prices TBA), which is $10 more than the standard black model. But they just look so cool.

If you're in the Americas, you can pick either version up through the Microsoft Store starting on March 22. Copper Shadow will also be available at GameStop and Dusk Shadow (ugh, that name) will be sold at Best Buy for a limited time. They're scheduled to roll out elsewhere in the world in April.

Headline note: GR+'s Susan Arendt and Dave Roberts maintain that the Titanfall Xbox One controller is still the best version even though they're wrong as heck.

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