Xbox Live and Game Pass Ultimate subs can play Dirt 5 and Rainbow Six Siege free for a limited time

Dirt 5
(Image credit: Codemasters)

The latest Xbox Free Play Days event is now underway, letting Xbox Live Gold (and Game Pass Ultimate) subscribers try Dirt 5 and Rainbow Six Siege on the house. 

The full versions of both games are now available for free to active Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and any progress you earn during the event – including achievements and Gamerscore – will carry over if you decide to buy either of them. Dirt 5 is still fairly new so it's sitting at $59.99, but Rainbow Six Siege happens to be on sale right now, with the standard edition available for just $9.99 at 75% off. 

Dirt 5 will be free to play until Sunday, March 21 at 11:59pm PT / 2:59am ET / 6:59am BT, but Rainbow Six Siege will stick around a bit longer until Wednesday, March 24 at the same times. You can download and install the games via the Microsoft store on PC, and through the subscriptions tab of the Xbox Store on console. 

Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 objective-based shooter, and a frequent Xbox Free Play Days participant. Last month, Ubisoft outlined an extensive list of content planned for the game's sixth year, including multiple expansions and yet more quality of life improvements. 

Dirt 5, meanwhile, is the latest in Codemasters' off-road racing franchise. As we learned in a chat with Troy Baker, who plays protagonist Alex 'AJ' Janicek, it's got a surprisingly fleshed-out story, though the focus is still squarely on cars that go fast. 

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