Xbox is teasing 'true power' for its E3 2017 conference and Scorpio reveal

We're expecting plenty of new Scorpio info from the Xbox E3 2017 conference and Microsoft has already started teasing with a series of videos promising we're going to 'feel true power.'

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There's a whole series of these, all along the same theme - a variety of people switch on something, hallucinate paint and animals for a few seconds and then there's the call to watch the Xbox 2017 conference at June 11, 2pm PT

It's likely that this could be the Scorpio slogan, and a sly pop at Sony's PS4 Pro. The Xbox Scorpio/PS4 Pro stats comparison shows Microsoft's new machine is a beast in terms of pure numbers, but it's how it's used that'll be the real proof of the new tech. As Sony's Pro has shown, 'the same games but slightly prettier' isn't a must have, system selling bullet point for most people. 

Keep up to date with all the E3 2017 conferences, if you want to know more and by this time next week all will be clear. 

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