Xbox 360 used to catch stupid criminals

Nov 30, 2007

Xbox 360s have been used in the US to lure over a hundred crooks out of hiding and subsequently into the slammer.

Working jointly with the El Paso police, US Marshals led criminals to a crackdown location in Texas with the belief that they had won an Xbox 360.

Anyone stupid enough to come and claim their winnings was instead stuck in handcuffs and sent to prison, where the only Achievements they'll be unlocking are "performed sexual favours for cigarettes," and "fathered a pet mouse called Mr. Jingles."

According to police chief Richard Wiles, the sting resulted in 115 arrests and cleared 129 warrants. Most of the criminals were wanted on drug or violent crime charges.

Considering they were able to fall for the stunt, most them are probably wondering where their Xbox 360s are right now.

Courtesy of CVG