Xbox 360 games buyable on Xbox One - backwards compatibility just got easier

Fans rejoiced when Phil Spencer announced Xbox One backwards compatibility (opens in new tab) with Xbox 360 games, but there was one little snag in that otherwise convenient feature: you had to already own the games in physical form or purchase them via an Xbox 360 or on the Web. Not anymore. As of today, you can buy Xbox 360 games and play them, all from the Xbox One.

A new system update is rolling out to Xbox One consoles, bringing the aforementioned ability to purchase backwards compatible games, as well as a few other nifty improvements. Party chat can now support up to 16 people, achievement tracking can now be pulled up via the Xbox One guide menu, videos can now be played directly from your "Feed" tab, and when streaming to Twitch, you can now broadcast your party's chat - no longer will you be forced to laugh at your own jokes and talk to yourself for the amusement of strangers.

The update should be downloaded automatically if you have your console set to instant-on, but you can always get it manually by heading into your system settings. And if you're looking for ideas on which title(s) to get, why not check out the full list of backwards compatible games (opens in new tab)?

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