WWE SmackDown! Vs RAW 2008

But of course the actual fighting is a small part of the WWE experience. For every punch thrown, a word of testosterone-fueled trash talk is spat out, and half the fight time is spent on outlandish taunts. While we would certainly like to hear Ric Flair’s surreal “whoooo-ing” emitting from our remote speaker, it’s the heavy taunt-emphasis that Yuke’s have currently seen to.

With John Cena beaten to the floor, the player commanding Triple H seized the remote and nunchuk and thrust them towards his crotch in the formation of an X. Fans will recognize this as the “DX crotch chop” and lo and behold the digitized Triple H began performing the motion on screen. Just how much actual posturing was necessary to activate the gesture is questionable, but the concept of wrestler-specific taunts is enticing.