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Watch: 5 Super Mario Maker levels so bad, they're (almost) good

Look, not every Super Mario Maker creation is going to be a masterpiece. It's understandable that the fledgling architects of these 2D gauntlets would want to get a little experimental, pushing the limits of what some might call sensible design in the hopes of making something that stands out. But where most people would scrap a harebrained level after messing around with it, others choose to unleash it upon their fellow players by uploading it to the 'net. Maxwell and Lucas plunged their arms deep into the Super Mario Maker barrel to scrape the absolute bottom, hoping to find a handful of levels that aren't fit for human consumption. Here are the results of their masochistic search. And who knows? Maybe, when they're in the deepest depths of torturing and/or boring the player, these levels will reveal that they've got some redeeming value after all.

Here are the ID codes for each level, if (for whatever reason) you'd like to try them yourself:

Seize the moment!: EBEA-0000-0026-444F
Water Mines: 6836-0000-0021-D8EC
Don't touch the P switch (HARD): CB3B-0000-003E-2607
Explore as Megaman: A37B-0000-0029-3B89
P!w run slowly: 1280-0000-0034-C538

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Maxwell grew up on a sleepy creekbank deep in the South. His love for video games has taken him all the way to the West Coast and beyond.