Worlds of Too Human

The worlds of Too Human are as tricky to describe as the game itself. Based heavily in twovery distinct and very different genres - sci-fi cyberpunk and Norse mythology, of all things - the setting promises to be one that players have never, ever visited or experienced before.

Ancient gods and goddesses still rule over mankind, but enhance their divine powers through cybernetic upgrades. Machines threaten to eradicate all humans, but only by reaping our blood and limbs, thus becoming more human themselves. Alternate universes can be traversed through cyberspace, which is accessed via a giant, magical tree.

Intrigued? Mystified? Overwhelmed? We understand. Too Human is a heady mixture, which is why we've asked the developers to give us - and you - an exclusive, in-depth tour into the game's world and into their imaginations.

In this first part, we explore Aesir, the central hub of Too Human and home to warring Norse gods, the Tree of Life and an imposing (yet earthly) prison.

The following descriptions were provided by Silicon Knights. For more exclusive screenshots and concept artwork in full screen size,head here.

The Orbital “String” Tower, Bifrost

At the center of Midgard lies Bifrost, the Orbital “String” Tower. The Tower reaches from the surface of the planet to the lowest of orbits, where a complex of space stations resides.

Built as the YMIR were rising to power, this tower is a bridge to the orbital facilities of the Aesir, where precious materials are synthesized in a variety of zero to low gee environments. Orbital monitoring systems are also present, but are radically hindered by the presence of impenetrable cloud cover and the skein of nanotech that the development of Cyberspace brought to the planet.

The String connects the territories of Midgard and Asgard, “earth” and “heaven.” The String affords the Aesir the ability to manufacture and refine material free from the interference of the machines.

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