World of Nintendo

16)Pikachu maniac woman

We often lie awake at night wondering who holds the world record for the greatest amount of Pikachu-branded merchan-tat accrued. Praise be, then, for the 2009 Guinness Book Of Records: Gamer Edition, which informs us that the record belongs to Belle, aka ‘Pikabellechu’, who owns 8,000 items stamped with the electromouse’s hellish visage.

17) Totaka’s return

It took enterprising Animal Crossing-heads mere minutes to find the hidden rendition of Totaka’s Song, a 19-note dirge hidden in many Nintendo games, in AC: City Folk. To hear what all the fuss is about, simply leave the controls untouched during the opening bus ride.

18)Retro charm bracelet

Nothing screams “I’m alternative in an achingly retro kind of way” like a charm bracelet adorned with replicas of NES carts. “Are the cartridges actual size?” you may ask. No. But imagine if they were! That would be one weighty bracelet.

19)Duck Hunt PS3

Even if you haven't made any levels in LitteBigPlanet, you can still appreciate other people’s endeavours, such as this homage to Duck Hunt.

20)Live action Mega Man

The final trailer for a non-profit fan-made film adaptation of Mega Man. The acting and the script are a bit off, but it’s directed by a man called Eddie Lebron, whose name, at least, sounds like that of a top-notch Hollywood director. Sadly the trailer is gone for the moment, thanks to copyright issues.

Jan 27, 2009

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