World of Nintendo

6)Murdering mama

PETA’s position as an animal rights organisation clearly offers a certain degree of libel-immunity, if their unofficial entry to the Cooking Mama universe is any indication. Mama Kills Animals gleefully showers you with harrowing slaughterhouse factoids while you stick your hand up a turkey’s backside. Yet it’s still more fun than Far Cry: Vengeance.

7) 8-Bit opera

All the way from China comes this charming theatrical rendition of numerous emotional NES moments, such as that time the Double Dragon bros kicked the tar out of half of New York City. Yeah, you remember.


This wiseguy robot has been programmed to play Guitar Hero all by itself. Well, not all by itself – it’s hooked up to several small cameras that tell it which notes are coming up, but give it a break, eh? It doesn’t have eyes. It’s not even capable of independent thought… or is it?

9)Nintendo bling

With Christmas already, like, so last year, Valentine’s Day is the next stop on the commercial holiday express, even if you’re going by the Animal Crossing calendar. So, if you’re feeling particularly romantic this year, why not buy your loved one a Wii controller-shaped white acrylic necklace, just to remind him/her that your console will always be the third person in your relationship?

10)Wii orchestra

Meet the Fauxharmonic Orchestra. What’s happening here is that some dude has wired up a balance board and a Wii remote to a Mac and, through some trickery or other, he’s able to control the tempo of his digital opera with the remote while altering the volume of individual sets by leaning on the board.

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