World of Nintendo

11)Project-a-Luigi is currently selling these natty Mario Kart projectors for a few bucks. Granted, you could buy two quarter pounders with cheese for that price, but are they shaped like cute little Wii remotes? No, not unless you’ve wandered into the restaurant past 3am, no they’re not.

12)Space cakes

We happened upon this amusing gallery of game-related cakes and thought we’d share them with you. One question, though: is that a lollipop sticking out of the head of them there Moogle cakes? If so, what flavour? What does a Moogle’s antenna taste of? We’d, er, love to find out.

13)Boxing clever

These Everlast-endorsed ‘control experience enhancement devices’ (our terminology) for Punch-Out!! Wii look like they’ll be a grin, but we hope that there won’t be any menus that require the analogue stick. We’d be all thumbs! *Sigh*.

14)Street pianist

Delight your ears with an ivory-tickling rendition of some classic Street Fighter II tunes. It goes on for over 10 minutes, much like our attempts to successfully pull off Zangief’s spinning piledriver attack.

15)Castlevania figs

To celebrate this month’s Castlevania CastleMANIA (yeah, you saw what we did there), why not order these seven-inch figurines from leading import store Play Asia? Go on. You know you’re good for it.

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