Wonder Woman: Black and Gold celebrates her 80th anniversary in two colors

Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1
art from Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1 cover by Yanick Paquette (Image credit: DC)

The 2021 version of DC loves their anthology titles, and their newest is Wonder Woman: Black and Gold. Another project that celebrates Wonder Woman's 80th anniversary, the June 22-debuting limited series is the latest DC anthology playing on the two-color palette conceit.

Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1 cover by Jen Bartel (Image credit: DC)

Black and Gold stars one of comic book's premiere superheroes (and the greatest female superhero hands down) in stories rendered exclusively with the colors black and gold (and some white, of course).

The six-issue Wonder Woman: Black and Gold follows two generations of Batman: Black and White titles and the more recent Superman: Red and Blue series debuting in March.

According to DC, the choice of gold is in honor of her "famous lasso."

"You won't want to miss celebrating the woman who inspires us all…and that's the truth!" says DC. 

The 40-page first issue features a story by writer John Arcudi and artist Ryan Sook who "show us the grace immortality grants a hero."

Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1 by Joshua Middleton (Image credit: DC)

Wonder Woman series writer Becky Cloonan (who also draws) "weaves a spine-tingling tale of Diana's most precious weapon against the darkness."

Amy Reeder writes and draws a story that "takes us back to the Golden Age for a fun romp co-starring Etta Candy."

Writer AJ Mendez Brooks and artist Ming Doyle "travel to Themyscira for a tense family reunion."

And finally, writer Nadia Shammas and artist Morgan Beem "show us a story of Diana's past failures come to haunt her."

Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1 features covers by Jen Bartel, Ramona Fradon, Yanick Paquette, and Joshua Middleton.

Check out all four covers in our gallery:

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