Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace DC Digital First series returns with all new content

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DC is getting back into the swing of its Digital First comic book releases with a new slate of issues of Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace featuring entirely new content – and the publisher also announced that their Digital First titles will now feature new stories as opposed to reprints of material that first appeared in DC's oversized Giant anthology publications, which were the source of a large amount of the content published in previous Digital First releases.

The four new issues, which will run weekly from October 21 through November 11, introduce a variety of creators to the Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace stable, with contributions from Ivan Cohen, Pop Mhan, Amanda Deibert, Aaron Lopresti, Danny Lore, Maria Laura Sanapo, Andrew Wheeler, and Paul Pelletier on the docket.

Additionally, DC states new Digital First issues of Superman: The Man of Tomorrow and Batman: Gotham Knights will be solicited soon, with all new content as well.

Here are the solicitations for the four new issues of Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace, along with the covers for issues #13, 14, and 15.

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #13

'Power Drive'
Written by Ivan Cohen
Art by Pop Mhan

When a super-in-sync gang of criminals bring their high-speed crime spree to Washington, D.C., it's up to Wonder Woman and guest-star Wonder Girl to bring the bad guys down! But how will they catch the criminals, who vanish without a trace after every heist?

Release date: Wednesday, October 21

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #14

'Under the Radar'
Written by Amanda Deibert
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Wonder Woman shares a story from her childhood with Etta Candy about a traveler who changed her life.

Release date: Wednesday, October 28

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #15

'Self Care'
Written by Danny Lore
Art by Maria Laura Sanapo

Wonder Woman travels to Las Vegas to enlist the help of Zatanna against Devastation.

Release date: Wednesday, November 4

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #16

'Fear the Dark'
Written by Andrew Wheeler
Art by Paul Pelletier

A teenage boy summoned a dark witch out of a book of spells to cover his town in the same darkness that consumes him. Wonder Woman arrives to drive the dark witch back to where she came from.

Release date: Wednesday, November 14

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