Wonder what the Destiny 2 PC beta will look like? This trailer, if your system's good enough

Maybe you’ve already played the Destiny 2 console beta and want to compare, or maybe you're a PC loyalist and the PC beta will be your first experience with the series. Bungie has a lot to prove to all kinds of players with the first-ever public Destiny PC experience starting in less than two weeks. Even though this trailer can't show you what it feels like to play on mouse and keyboard, it does give you a glimpse of the potential for sweet, sweet 4K/60FPS action.

Disclaimer: if you have a slightly less powerful PC, or the wrong graphics card manufacturer, or the feng shui on your watercooling system is slightly off, your experience may vastly differ (here are the Destiny 2 PC beta recommended specs just so you know what you're getting into). I'd be more surprised if Destiny 2's PC trial run doesn't have any big performance issues, since it also happens to be the first PC game Bungie has made in more than a decade. But hey, finding problems and fixing them is what betas are for, so I'm going in with as few expectations as possible.

This part isn't really about PC-specific issues, but I just have to air the one big grievance I have with that trailer: those generic sound effects! Destiny has always had a really satisfying gun experience from lining up the shot to hearing it boom out from the barrel, and that dubbed-in, SFX-library-assed machine gun sound at :34 is not cutting it at all. Fortunately, the guns in the actual game still sound quite nice, that's just some unwelcome trailer editing magic.

Now that I've said my piece, how about you check out our Destiny 2 info article to learn more about Bungie's second shot at shared-world shooting?

Connor Sheridan

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