Wishmaster review

To paraphrase a doomed character in this tongue-in-cheek horror flick (which is aimed squarely at the populist horror fan): "This genie ain't some cute, cuddly blue thing who gives you what you want". In fact, he's a prosthetically-enhanced nasty from the Dawn Of Time with a rather curious talent; an evil oldie who grants wishes in all the ways the wishee most certainly doesn't intend.

Cue fiscally impoverished transformations of a most hideous kind and lashings of CG gore and tomato sauce (plus a terrible puppet dog-monster) as The Djinn (a wonderfully gravel-voiced Andrew Divoff) magically scythes his way through many extras and - - ooh, spot the joke - - a pantheon of horror legends like Robert Englund, Tony Todd and Kane Hodder.

That the Djinn is doing all this to open a trans-pan-pot-kettle-dimensional thingy so he can invite some friends to the party and leave Earth in oblivion for a few millennia is incidental. As is the pasty-faced heroine who outwits The Djinn with a crap wish. Not so much The Djinn as The Dim.

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