Winter She-Hulk vs. Gorilla Man in Avengers #48

page from Avengers #48
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Avengers #48 (opens in new tab) continues 'World War She-Hulk,' in which the Red Room captures and brainwashes She-Hulk, employing her as a Winter Soldier-style super agent. Though the Avengers have faced off with Hulks since their very earliest days (they first clashed with Bruce Banner in Avengers #2 (opens in new tab), in which he departed the team after helping assemble it), a Red Room-empowered Jennifer Walters/'Winter' She-Hulk is a different story.

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Marvel has released as set of advance preview pages from Avengers #48 from writer Jason Aaron and artists Javier Garron and David Curiel, in which 'Winter' She-Hulk takes on an unlikely opponent in Avengers Mountain security chief Gorilla Man. Though he's got the proportionate strength of a well-muscled great ape, it seems Gorilla Man's power is little match for a merciless Hulk.

Fortunately for him, Gorilla Man's allies the Avengers show up to help him just in the nick of time - but will Earth's Mightiest Heroes be enough to stop the Red Room's rampaging 'Winter' She-Hulk?

She-Hulk has gone on rampages against the Avengers before, most notably in the story Avengers: The Search for She-Hulk (opens in new tab). Following the events of Avengers: Red Zone (opens in new tab), She-Hulk loses control, going berserk and fleeing from the Avengers. Hiding in her human form as Jennifer Walters for fear of Hulking out, the Avengers track her down and eventually help her regain control of her Hulk transformation.

In 'Avengers: Disassmbled (opens in new tab)', she's sent into a berserker rage by Wanda Maximoff's magical manipulations, tearing the Vision in half. She's since gone through further evolutions with her transformation, with her most current incarnation, again as an active Avenger, being a bit more smash-y and rage-y than her traditional, composed self.

Here's a gallery of preview pages and covers:

Avengers #48 goes on sale on September 1.

Upcoming MCU star She-Hulk is much more than a Hulk spin-off, with her own history and place in the Marvel Universe.

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