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Winning Eleven Pro Evolution 2007 review

Or should that be devolution?


  • Retains feel of PS2 version
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Wi-fi multiplayer's pretty fun


  • Less depth than the console version
  • Graphics are pretty lame
  • Can't tweak formations on the fly

Winning Eleven is a riotous success on PSP, but howdoes the classy soccer sim translate to the humble DS?

First impressions are positive; look past the basic graphics and you can definitely tell this comes from the Konami soccer stable, as passing is decent, one-twos are deadly and this retains the essential feel of the PS2 version.

Unfortunately, WE07 DS is way too one-dimensional to engage your attentions for long. It's super-hard to score long strikes and even when you skin your marker and whip in a cross it's invariably headed clear by a bruising center back.

Before long, your repertoire of attacks simply consists of threaded through passes- and once you've gotten inside the box it's almost a given that you'll tuck it neatly away past the execrable excuse for a goalkeeper, however impossible the angle might seem.

More Info

DescriptionIt may not have the FIFA license, but in places of the world where "soccer" is pronounced "football," this game reigns supreme.
PlatformDS, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, PC