Williams confirmed for Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Lucasfilm has confirmed that composer John Williams will be back on board for Episode VII , and the next two films after that.

Williams had previously expressed a desire to return to the fold, although nothing had been made official until this weekend's Star Wars Celebration Europe in Germany.

Abrams had been thought to be keen to bring regular collaborator Michael Giacchino on board, but the director has bowed to tradition, with Williams returning for a seventh outing.

Abrams had recently conceded that Williams' return was likely, laughing that, "he was there long before I was".

Kathleen Kennedy announced the news at this weekend's fest, explaining that, "every time I hear John’s music, it just gives me the chills… it’s so important to the saga… we’re all really excited that he’s a part of this."

Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to arrive in cinemas in 2015.

George Wales

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