Will Wright backs Revolution

Will Wright, the genius (and we try not to use that word flippantly) behind Sim City and The Sims, has expressed his delight at Nintendo's Revolution controller.

"I'm really interested in Revolution and to see how the controller works out. That looks pretty cool," the founder of Maxis revealed during an online interview. "I like the idea of taking the games outside the box and into that close-body kind of space."

Revolution wasn't the only Nintendo innovation to catch Wright's eye as he said that "the handheld space is interesting, and how it's developing with DS in particular."

Commenting on the project he's currently working on, the hugely ambitious Spore, a sim that charts evolution from cell life to full blown civilisation, Wright revealed, "It's going well."

"It's quite a challenging project, but I've got an amazing team on it and I'm actually very satisfied with where it's going. I think we're going to pull it off."