Will Supreme Commander work on Xbox 360?

Nov 13, 2007

Epic PC RTS Supreme Commander has been re-confirmed for Xbox 360 - though it's making the trip to console without its original developer and publisher.

The Total Annihilation spiritual sequel was developed by Gas Powered Games and published by THQ earlier this year, and received high praise for its stupidly-big battles and no-frills approach to RTS combat.

The 360 versions is being published by Aspyr and co-developed by Hellbent games in Vancouver. We hope it's up to the task because SupCom is easily the most demanding RTS game we've ever played on PC, and we'll throw the gauntlet out now; we just can't see it working on a joypad.

Command & Conquer's simple rock-paper-scissors gameplay had a chance on 360, but without some serious dumbing down SupCom is simply too intense to play without a mouse and keyboard.

It's set to land on console early next year anyway. We'll let you know how it shapes up.

Courtesy of CVG