Wii/Kinect hack takes us back to bizzaro 90's VR

Remember the 90's obsession with virtual reality, the bulky goggles and terrible movies it inspired? It's back. Remember Nao_u's Kinect VR hack? He's back, and thanks to Kinect and now a Wiimote, he's got more anime-inspired terror to show us.

Nao_u created this VR FPS game using Kinect, a Wii remote and head tracking goggles. He filled the world with enemies including floating heads, and a beast that looks like a cross between the beloved otaku mascot Hatsune Miku and the talking anus from the end of Pink Floyd's The Wall

After looking at the video we're not even close to trading in our dual-analog sticks for Nao_u's setup, and we most definitely don't want to play around in his J-Pop infused house of horror, but we can imagine a talented designer picking this tech up and taking it to cool new places. Wait, did we just say we didn't want to play around in a J-Pop infused virtual reality house of horror?

[Source: Engadget]

Jan 25, 2011