Wii Scarface more shocking than Manhunt?

Okay, so the actual quote was, "I am amazed we're allowed to make a game like this for Nintendo Wii," to avoid the risk of misquoting Jason Bone, Lead Combat Designer on Scarface at Radical Games speaking to us as he demoed the game to GamesRadar recently.

But the message is pretty clear either way you read it - the Scarface Wii team has absolutely no intention of toning down the ultra-violence in the "family console" version of Brian De Palma's apocryphal film.

Is the Wii really the place for dismemberment by chainsaw, lewd hand gestures and coke-fuelled swear-fests? That's not for us to judge. However, following our hands-on experience with the game at Radical's Vancouver office recently we found that the team has certainly created a more visceral and terrifyingly tactile experience than any other console version could manage.

As Bone explains with a certain relish: "Aiming a gun with the Wiimote is the closest you can get to killing a filthy cock-a-roach without getting of your couch."


To read our full exclusive hands-on preview clickhere.

April 5, 2007

I hate the 267.