Why you NEED to listen to Metal Gear Solid 4's amazing developer podcasts

Ever hadthat shameful feeling you get when you're horribly late to a party? Y'know, it's thathorrible guilt which hits you as you pathetically paw through the last of the sandwiches that have started to go a bit funny and try to hunt down any leftover booze. This is exactly the feeling I had recently when a mate suggested I play through my beloved Metal Gear Solid 4's developer podcasts... which I only realised existed last week. Below, you'll find out why you need to listen to them, while we also cover some of the awesome Easter eggs the devs reveal in their stupidly soothing 'cast.

Now there’s a good reason you might have missed these podcasts the first time you went through the game. While Konami released a debut pod with the game, a second 'cast didn’t hit until January 2009 (over six months after thetitle first shipped). This was due to Ryan Payton, the poddle’s original presenter, leaving the company to work on the Halo series.

Above: Honestly, the pod is way better than Snake's making it look

Anyhoo, there are 13 episodes which cover all the main areas of the game and these are available to download through the extras menu. During these usually half hour shows,MGS4 producer Ken Imaizumi, Konami international product manger Aki Saito and one ofthe game’s script unit members Sean Eyestone guide you through pensioner Snake’s adventure.

The episodes are not only weirdly soothing, they also give some cracking insight into the development of Guns of the Patriots. Eyestone guides you throughlevels like they’re a quasi virtual museum, often directing you to some awesome Easter eggs you probably missed first time out. The ‘casts are definitely a reason to go back and give the game a second playthrough, but if you can’t be assed, we’ve highlighted some of the bests eggs of the spiritual variety below.

Warning: If you don't want these suprises spoiled for you, we suggest you go to Metal Gear 4's extras menu, where you can download all 13 integral podcast episodes.

Middle East

Just before you meet Meryl and the rest ofher teamin the hotel, you'll see a rat scurry along the roof. Follow it and it'll lead you to a vent.

This vent right the hell here.

If you crawl inside after you start fighting the Haven Troopers you'll get to a couple of holes, which double up as great vantage points to take Liquid's bitches out from relative safety.

If you want to bag yourself a semi secret weapon while in the hotel, wait until after Johnny deactivates the laser grid, then somersault over the gap. You'll find a grenade launcher attachment for your AK on the other side, which comes in pretty damn handy when you need to clear out a room full of bionic sociopaths.

How explosions amuse us so.

Also, cakes. You'll find these delicious treats possibly burning to a crisp in the ovens in the hotel's kitchen. Don't you just love totally useless trivia, fact fans?

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