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Why Resident Evil 6 would rule if it had George Romero on board

George Romero (director of Dawn of the Dead and the father of zombie movies) sayshe'd be interested in making a game. This also coincides with the news that Jun Takeuchi (director of Resident Evil 5)won't be returning for the sixth instalmentof the survival horror series. And this got us thinking: how friggin' awesome would it be if Romero and Capcom teamed up to make Resi 6? The answer? Loads. Like loads and loads.

Alright, so it'll probably never happen. And even if it did, the now 70 year-old director, who's never worked in games before,could only realistically work in an advisory role. But screw reality. In our heads the game is already being made. And below, you'll find out exactly why the Zen master of the zombie flick could give Resident Evil just the undead shot in the arm it needs.