Why Hitman 2's missions are the best in any game ever

Another part is the espionage side, the retrieval of useful or dangerous stuff, such as briefcases or computer data. Sometimes you simply steal things to make it look like %26ldquo;a robbery gone wrong.%26rdquo; Such Cold War-ish manipulations give all this killing something of a compelling purpose, albeit a cold-hearted one. Tee hee.

And then there%26rsquo;s Silent Assassin%26rsquo;s most nerve-wracking, %26lsquo;80s thriller moment of them all - the killing of an ex-KGB officer in full military regalia. It%26rsquo;s tough enough just getting through the St. Petersburg streets to the building opposite, but when you finally get your scope to the window, there%26rsquo;s a problem: he%26rsquo;s meeting three other generals and you don%26rsquo;t know which one he is. You can%26rsquo;t kill the others. And the meeting started early.