Who Wants to be a Superhero?

If you don't want to risk sunburn this Bank Holiday weekend, why not stay indoors with the curtains shut and tune into SCI FI for a new reality TV show that's like some weird mash-up between The X Factor and the brain of Stan Lee.

It's called Who Wants to be a Superhero? (nah, not me - too much responsibility), and here's the idea: a group of contestants battle to have their superhero immortalised in a comic by the Spider-Man creator, and a Sci Fi channel movie.

It's a six-part series, and the first three episodes are airing at 7.00pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. [UPDATE: following the success of the premiere, the show will be repeated on Mondays at 11pm from 14 May.]

We've got some promos for a few of the contestants.

to see Iron Enforcer, whose giant gun suggests he may be overcompensating for a deficiency in the trouser department, and who seems to have cribbed his "tough guy" poses from Zoolander.

Then click
to enjoy Major Victory, a former male stripper who runs like a girl.

Finally, check out the scary intensity of , as he practically has a nervous breakdown whilst declaring his love for Stan Lee.