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Who needs MGS Rising? Japan already have Metal Gear 3D

You know what Metal Gear needs? A big dollop of 3D. Oh, and some fancy motion-sensing goggles... and a sodding big plastic gun. Far from us suffering an early morning seizure, this is what Snake's latest adventure is actually bringing to select Japanese arcades for a limited time. And really, who needs Rising when you can look like a twat playing the Gear in a packed public place?

Above: ... sorry, what were we saying?

Snake Eater: The Naked Sample may not be getting turned into a proper 3D MGS anytime soon. But Metal Gear Arcade is picking up the third dimension-taming slack with a quirky shooter that can link up to four cabinets together for multiplayer matches.

Above: The game uses locations from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Using 3D glasses and a gun that looks like it's been thrown together with bargain basement plastic, hopes and prayers, the game can track both the movements of your head and the embarrassing weapon in your hands.

Currently, the game's only during the rounds in Japan in test showings. Still, we've got our codecs crossed that this could yet be make it to the West. Unless you want to get beaten up in your local arcade, though, we'd suggest playing it in an elaborate disguise to avoid the inevitable beatings for looking like such a douche.

Above: Whether it makes us look stupid or not, we'd love to get our hands on this. And are we the only ones reminded of Tron looking at this? Oh...

Aug 3, 2010