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Which console will win Fall 2009?

We’re not about to judge all of these unreleased games based on their quality (we already did that here), so instead we’re picking a winner based on their likely sales impact. Who’s going to sell the most games, and therefore become the “winner” of Fall 2009?

Aw c’mon, there’s no doubt about this. Mario, Zelda and Wii Fit? All launching within weeks of each other? This could end up being a record holiday for Nintendo, especially compared to last year’s soul-shattering Animal Crossing / Wii Music fiasco. Even if all three turn out to be weak cash-ins (which is highly improbable), they’ll still sell more than Sony or Microsoft’s comparable titles.

But for the sake of stirring the hornet’s nest, we’ll name Microsoft as the number two victor. Why? Halo 3 alone pushed eight million copies. Uncharted was a standout game and the sequel looks even better, but its star power isn’t enough to overshadow another Halo marketing campaign, even when the game doesn’t feature Master Chief.

That said, there’s a chance PS3’s lineup, combined with PSP Go advertising and solid third party games, could be attractive enough to chip away at the hardware gap currently separating it from the 360.

Jun 10, 2009

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