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Which Batman: Arkham villain are you? Let our personality quiz decide

Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner, Batmaaan! Batmaaan! Right, there's a good ten words done already. Not many to go now. Must get back to playing my video games… Well, I say 'words' - they're more like noises I've just hastily transcribed. Hell, I'll bet some people don't even hear them that way. To them it's all 'do do do do', or 'la la la la'. Now, to be clear: i'm not saying that those folks are categorically wrong - just that they lack for factual accuracy… Anyhoo, where was i? Oh yes, blatantly stalling for time. You see, this right here, this is the kind of article that really speaks for itself. It's a big bloody Batman quiz, a quick bit of fun to determine which Arkham-verse inmate best reflects you, in all of your everyday villainy. Enjoy.