Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics, August 7 - August 11

(Image credit: Bungie)

Where is Xur? As of August 7, Xur is down on Nessus on top of the ship in Watcher's Grave. Xur will stay there until reset time on Tuesday, August 11. 

You'll find all the Exotics Xur is selling listed below. You can also buy an Exotic engram that will decrypt into one random Exotic - or a missing Exotic, if your collection is incomplete - so it's always worth visiting Xur. And even if you have everything Xur is selling, you can also purchase better or different rolls on Exotics.

  • Exotic weapon - Merciless: if a burst doesn't kill an enemy, your next burst will fire faster. This stacks until you fire almost instantly. Merciless was a tier-one DPS weapon in Destiny 2's early days, and it's still very strong for an energy weapon. Note that it appears to be bugged at the time of writing and may not trigger its perk correctly, but it's still a cool gun worth owning. 
  • Hunter Exotic - Gemini Jester: dodging disorients nearby enemies and disables their radar. Gemini Jester is much more annoying than it is effective. The range of its ability is finicky, and its effects are fairly easy to ignore, so it's not terribly powerful. 
  • Titan Exotic - Peregrine Greaves: all shoulder charge abilities deal way more damage when you use them in the air. This is the Celestial Nighthawk of shoulder charge. If you want to hit things with your knees, shoulders, or hammers really, really hard, wear them. They're great for killing majors in PvE or roaming supers in PvP. 
  • Warlock Exotic - Nezarec's Sin: all void kills, with abilities or weapons, trigger ability regeneration. This is the go-to Exotic for many Voidwalker builds, and this week's roll is solid, so you should absolutely pick it up. It works especially well with Gnawing Hunger, the void auto rifle available through engrams this season. 
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