What the hell were we thinking?!?!

Chaos, mayhem, uproar and riots. That's what GamesRadar seems to have triggered with last week's feature, "The Ten Greatest Years in Videogame History ". We might as well have burned down the internet, for all the email and forum flaming we inspired. Some folks praised us, some wanted us crucified, and one called us "wankers", ignoring that the feature only covered the US market.

Granted, we set ourselves up. We knew this feature was so vast, so subjective and so dependent upon reader objectivity that there was no way to please everyone. In fact, even members of the GamesRadar staff saw some of their favorite years scratched out of the running as our personal votes were combined to produce the ultimate list.

However, we here at GamesRadar are all about power to the people, and we obviously understand and respect a gamer's passion for the subject matter. So we've decided to give the revolution a voice. We've taken five of the years that you readers and even some of our individual editors think should have made the list, and given those years the props they deserve as formidable runners-up.

But just to warn Nintendo die-hards, the mid-'80s are still completely unrepresented. Yes, the NES saved the industry, but there was just nothing else out there, so those years simply don't have the volume they need to hang. And even we're shocked that 2004 still didn't get the love. So you'll still have reason to hassle us in the forums.