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What GTA V should learn from Just Cause 2

Square Enix’s gloriously silly tropical sandbox adventure really came out of left field. As brilliantly daft as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but with a stunning, vast world built on cutting-edge technology; it’s the most fun we’ve had in the genre in ages. While Niko’s American nightmare might still be the daddy when it comes to open-world games, there are definitely things Rockstar could adapt from Just Cause 2 to make GTA 5 better. Like…

Be balls-to-the-wall stupid

Just Cause 2 is ridiculous. If you’re not base jumping from a dance club floating a mile above terra firma, then you’re using the grapple hook to string terrorists to speeding cars or chasing a rogue missile with a fighter jet. Arguably, the most fun entries in the GTA series over recent years have been San Andreas and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Partly because both were bat-shit crazy. Personally, we’d love to see GTA 5 follow suit, and not only copy some of Just Cause’s sensationally stupid missions, but also give us the tools to create our own awesome farcical fun.

Above: If GTA V isn't exactly four times as daft as this, we'll be pissed

Give us moreways to dick about

Following on from the last sentence we just done wrote, we wantRockstar’s next crime ‘em up to give us more tools to piss about. A huge part of Just Cause 2’s appeal can be found in creating your own little adventures using the tools you’ve been given. Hell, we’ve spent hours just exploring the game’s mountains with the grapple hook and parachute like a slightly-less-slow Sly Stallone from Cliffhanger.

Above: Scaling Just Cause 2's mightiest peaksis ultra satisfying

GTA IV utterly nailed the ambience of living in a bustling replication of New York, no question. But outside of the ace story missions and samey socialising, there wasn’t that much to do. Gay Tony’s nightclub management and parachute mini-games are a step in the right direction. Mar this with a few farfetched Just Cause gadgets (or just another San Andreas jetpack) and the series can rediscover the simple thrills of mucking about that used to define it.