Weekly Replay - Steam machine comparison, 2014's gaming conventions, and more

If you've missed out on all of the gaming news, reviews, and features we've posted up on GamesRadar.com this week, you're in luck. We've gathered up all the most popular and important articles in one place, so you can get to reading. This week get your luggage prepped because we have a breakdown for all of the gaming conventions coming in 2014, our review for The Banner Saga is out, and we explain why aliens are the new zombies. Read these articles and more by clicking on the links below.

How do Valve's new Steam Machines compare to each other

Why aliens should become next-gen's replacement for zombies

Upcoming gaming conventions of 2014

Dead Rising 3 combo weapon guide

The Banner Saga review


What does 2014 have in store for Microsoft's new machines? Find out with our guide to the best Xbox One games of 2014

Get ready to rumble with our complete guide to Smash Bros. 4

Official Nintendo Magazine

Nintendo don't like third parties? Then why are they making these 3 unexpected cameos in 2014?

Join us for a new era as Editor-in-Chief Chandra Nair makes his final appearance on this month's ONM Podcast.

Official Xbox Magazine

Netflix bugs on Xbox One - how to improve or fix video streaming

Let's talk Titanfall: Respawn on Xbox One development and cloud AI


Keep up that fitness resolution with T3's Training for a marathon: Tech for half marathon, marathons and beyond feature.

Looking for a bit of winter style? Here's the Best winter boots to buy for 2014 feature.


The Xbox was the original Steam Machine

Think 4K is impressive? Wait until you see 5K

Tesco Tech

If you fancy losing those wobbly bits you've accumulated over Christmas, then make sure you enter our exclusive competition to Win A Fitbit Flex fitness wristband. It'll help you keep track of your daily exercise regime and can even monitor how well you sleep.

In Make the most of your TV picture settings we share some quick and easy tips to get the best possible picture quality whether you're watching HD movies or day time TV.

Total Film

Who missed out this year? Find out in our Oscars 2014: 16 shameful snubs special

Embrace your dark side with our 50 most dangerous movie villains

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