Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Californicator for Heroes
Californication actress Madeline Zima is to guest star as a recurring character in season four of Heroes, according to The Hollywood Reporter . She will play Gretchen, an edgy outsider and roommate to Claire (Hayden Panettiere) who goes to college next season.

Total Recall Remake Gets A Writer
Kurt Wimmer, who scripted Salt, the Angelina Jolie thriller currently being filmed, will script Columbia's remake of Total Recall. According to The Hollywood Reporter the story will be a "contemporized adaptation". Why do Americans love making up new words ending in "ized"? And what does it mean? It's set in the present day? That would make holidaying on Mars a bit difficult, surely?

Stretch For It
Bizarre ’70s toy Stretch Armstrong (an action figure with elastic limbs) is to make a big screen comeback, reports Variety . Producer Brian Grazer says, "Stretch Armstrong is a character I have wanted to see onscreen for a long time." Presumably since manufacturer Hasbro decided it wanted to relaunch the toy. Honestly, do we really believe he's spent the last three decades boring people at dinner parties with his vision for a Stretch Armstrong movie. Comedian Steve (Bruce Almighty) Oedekerk is having a first stab at the script. Which is a comedy, by the way. So chances are we might also get to see Stretch's pooch, Fetch Armstrong.

Outpost Gallifrey To Close
Shaun Lyon, founder of the legendary Doctor Who site Outpost Gallifrey , has announced that the site, and the accompanying forum, is to close down on 31 July.

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