Watch! Spore Leipzig Trailer

Sept 04 2007

We knew it was going to be expansive - but the Leipzig trailer of Spore really blows all bets out of the water.

The scale of change in how you manage your species through it's evolution from the primordial ooze to indisputable galactic dominance is staggering - but not nearly as exciting as the ability to control the evolution of your creation, not just manage it. Every evolutionary adjunct, every building, vehicle and plant is for you to create.

Above: Yep, it would seem you can extol your mastery even as a one cell beastie

It's the same sensibility that make Lego so appealing. No slide bars, no stats, simply 'here are some pieces, stick them together how you see fit.' Essentially, if you've ever wondered how a rhinoceros with two legs and mega death claws would live - now's your chance. And it's not just the physical details either - diet, mating, it's all up to you.

But it begs the question - how does something like this end? We're not entirelysure it will - space is purported to be a fully functioning galaxy, not just a one trick pony add-on. So that just leavesus to plan our grand designs in anticipation - and we've got a flashy bunch ofnew screenshots to get inspired.