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Watch Rainbow Six Siege's alpha in action

Rainbow Six Siege's door-smashing, wall-bursting shootouts debuted with a (flash)bang at E3 2014, but the online shooter's kept pretty quiet since then. Thankfully, Ubisoft will break the silence with a livestreamed play session starting at 11 am PT / 7 pm UK time on Monday.

The stream will offer viewers their first look at Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming closed alpha, which is available exclusively for registered PC players. Don't fret too much if you didn't get in the closed alpha - you can always pre-order for guaranteed closed beta access on your platform of choice.

Rainbow Six: Siege puts a team of hostage-taking 'Rogues' and emergency response 'Ravens' in close quarters, giving each side a minute to set up their defenses and plans of attack before abandoning the whole thing to plant charges on as many walls as possible. Check out OPM's new preview for more details.

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