Watch Dogs: Legion hacks into comic books with a story of a London DJ

Watch Dogs: Legion #1
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The hit Ubisoft game franchise Watch Dogs is coming to comic books with a new series spinning out of the most recent game. This fall, Behemoth Comics' four-issue Watch Dogs: Legion comic book series will provide a new angle in the fight for freedom by the hacker syndicate DedSec in a dystopic London.

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"While investigating mysterious disappearances in Kennington Oval Camp, journalist Louise Hartford will cross paths with Adam Logan, known as 'Spiral,' a London DJ whose music has become a symbol of revolt," reads Behemoth Comics' description of Watch Dogs: Legion #1. "Together, and with other companions in misfortune, they will have to infiltrate the spheres of power to unravel the truth."

Set 10 years or so in our future, Watch Dogs: Legion is set in a London where a private military company called Albion has turned the city into a surveillance state. This all happened following a series of terrorist bombings in the House of Parliament by a group called Zero Day, with DedSec framed to be the culprits.

(Image credit: Behemoth Comics)

"London Calling! Mass surveillance, private militias bringing order to the streets, organized crime ... the city of London has become a symbol of widespread oppression, and only its people can free it," continues Behemoth Comics' description of Watch Dogs: Legion #1. "A resistance movement bringing together genius hackers and insurgents ready for combat, DedSec stands up to free the city from the yoke of these profiteers."

Behemoth Comics' Watch Dogs: Legion comic book series is written by Sylvain Runberg, with art from Gabriel Germain. 

(Image credit: Behemoth Comics)

This Watch Dogs: Legion limited series is the first in several planned Ubisoft-based comic books for Behemoth Comics.

The Watch Dogs franchise has been closely linked to comics since its debut in 2014. The original game featured several homages to '40s comic books repurposed as propaganda. In 2019, a Watch Dogs comic series set in Brazil was published by Titan Comics. 

Watch Dogs: Legion #1 (of 4) goes on sale on November 3.

If you haven't played Watch Dogs (or haven't played lately), Watch Dogs: Legion has recently added zombies as part of its latest update. 

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