Warhammer Wednesday

Warhammer - a single word that inspires memories of sleepless nights playing the endlessly fun tabletop sensation... or does it? Perhaps the nearly 25-year-old phenomenon, with its mountain of original fiction and rabid fan base, seems scarier than a bus full of bloated zombies.

For those not in the know, Warhammer is a evil-versus-(even more) evil fantasy tabletop game created by Games Workshop;its guiding hand is easy to spot in each and every Warhammer product, whether they appear on kitchen tables or glowing CRTs. The upcoming real-time strategy title Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is no exception. We watched MoC in action at E3 - strategy gaming doesn't get any prettier, more storied or more visceral than the stunning stuff we saw. The entire game looks like concept art in motion. It would be criminal to miss it just because the backstory of the Warhammer world seems insurmountably deep.

Here's where GamesRadar comes in: Every two weeks on Wednesday for the next couple of months will be "Warhammer Wednesday". We'll roll out world-wide exclusive screens, videos and details for each of the six Mark of Chaos armies to bring you up to speed. For veterans, this feature will come as reassurance that all the authenticity of the original Warhammer universe will be packed right into Mark of Chaos. We think you're going to love seeing your favorite armies and units in action as we roll out new info in the coming months. And for newbies... welcome to Warhammer.

Week 1 (August 2):Skaven
Week 2 (August 16):Empire
Week 3 (August 30):Chaos
Week 4 (September 13):High Elves
Week 5 (September 27):Orcs
Week 6 (October 11):Dwarves