Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

Orc Boyz

What Orcs have in undeniable abundance is brute strength, made all the more dangerous by generous helpings of ignorance. To make matters even worse, Orcs feel almost no pain and care little about discomfort, physical hurt or even death. They enjoy nothing more than violence and will happily face death in battle just so long as they get a chance to put up a good fight first. Perversely, this unthinking aggression can work to their disadvantage, as Orcs will plunge heedlessly into combat against a vastly superior enemy rather than retreating.

Just like the Orc Boyz, who make up the bulk of the Orc army, the Orc Arrer Boyz carry a "choppa", but prefer the bow, to soften up their victims before going in and chopping them to little bits. The Orc Arrer Boyz aren't known for their accuracy, but instead the ability to withstand a lot of punishment - as well as dish it out.