Warhammer: Mark of Chaos


Goblins are the smaller, often mistreated by Orcs, of the greenskins, due to the fact that they are just as crazed and ill-mannered as their cousins. They do come in many shapes and sizes, though generally with beady eyes and sharp pointy teeth. Night Goblins have adapted to centuries of underground living. They are easily identified by their black enveloping clothing, used for protection against the sunlight. Goblins are very quarrelsome in nature and in-fighting happens even on the battlefield. While they are not known for fighting prowess, they travel in great numbers and are skilled with spears.

Greenskins are creatures of little brain and almost no curiosity. Their single-minded enthusiasm for violence makes it very hard for sorcery to get a grip on their consciousness. Although they do have magic, it is very different to the magic of Humans and Elves. Their power comes not from the treacherous winds of magic, but from the inner psyche of the greenskin racial mind. Every Goblin Shaman can access energy through the Great Green (the greenskin spirit-realm), but localized energy makes a difference too. Tapping into the psyche that the greenskins share, they are able to cast useful spells such as Lightning Fury and Madness.