Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall gets a brooding new trailer during the Future Games Show

The Future Games Show: Spring Showcase has offered a first look at the new cinematic trailer for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall.

In the world premiere of the trailer, which you can see for yourself above, a member of the Stormcast Eternals - an elite army whose soldiers are gifted with superhuman speed and strength, and who stride into battle clad in golden sigmarite armour - walks alone through an abandoned temple.

At least, it looks like they're alone, at least to begin with. That illusion is shattered somewhat when a member of the Nighthaunt, a horde of spectral figures wielding Grim Reaper-esque scythes starts stalking its armour-clad prey. It's looking like bad news for the Lord Arcanum as a host of Nighthaunt squares off in front of him. Thankfully, he's able to call his Stormcast brethren to his side with just a simple clap of thunder, evening the odds a little ahead of the inevitable brawl.

Tempestfall is set to release later this year, aiming for a 2021 launch on both PC VR and Oculus Quest, and offers the chance to take on the Nighthaunt with melee weapons and motion-based magical abilities as part of its immersive combat system. The full story campaign, including its RPG elements, will see players travel across the realm of Shyish hunting down the horde in the wake of the devastating Necroquake.

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